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Dental Implants aren’t a new-age discovery. Dentistry and dental implants have been around for thousands of years, just not in the way they are now. Throughout the years, many civilizations have tried to recreate teeth using a number of ideas. From creating dentures to actually implanting an object into the jawbone, we will reveal several inventions that have come to surface throughout the years.

A brief timeline:

2500 BC

Ancient Egyptians used gold wire to help stabilize loose teeth. They were even known for carving seashells and then hammering the seashells into people’s gums to replace teeth.  Also, they would use bones from animals and even ivory from elephant tusks to replace missing teeth.

2000 BC

In ancient China, they would carve smalls pegs made from bamboo to replace teeth.

1000 BC

An Egyptian king had copper pegs place into his jawbone. As a side note…it can’t be determined if the procedure was completed while he was still alive or not.

500 BC

The Etruscans used gold bands to fix their teeth while the Phoenicians used gold wires for stabilization.

100 BC

It has been evident that people all across the world would use teeth from animals and even slaves to replace missing teeth.

300 AD

The Phoenicians create fixed bridges using teeth carved from ivory and gold wire.

600 AD

During an archaeological dig in 1931, they uncovered the fact that Mayans used shells to replace missing teeth.

800 AD

Mayan/Honduran culture would use stones to replace missing teeth.


People would actually try to use human teeth to replace their missing teeth. But, because the human body is known to reject foreign objects, the majority of these implants were unsuccessful.


People tried using gold and platinum to place into the actual sockets to try to create replacement teeth. They would do this process right after a tooth was extracted.


Professor Brånemark, a doctor in Sweden, accidentally discovered that titanium can bond to living bone tissue and not be rejected by the human body.


The first dental implant was successfully placed after major trial and error.

Since then, dental implants have steadily gained ground as the preferred method of tooth replacement. It is estimated that more than 2 million patients have benefited from dental implant techniques since 1965.