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When a tooth is removed from the jawbone, the bone can start to disintegrate. Your jaw bone can start to weaken or deteriorate whenever a tooth is missing, causing a recessed appearance on your outer smile. This can start to cause issues with biting and chewing, thus altering your diet and nutrition. People often find it is difficult to eat and speak when they are missing a tooth. Also, the longer a tooth is missing, the more likely it is for your other teeth to shift into the hollow space. This shifting can cause your teeth to become crooked.

Why consider dental implants?

Implants last forever!

Well, they’ll last as long as you do. If you perform standard dental maintenance, your implants will be with you for a lifetime. They’re incredibly durable, and it only takes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use to keep them looking brand new.

They look real!

The only person who’s going to be able to tell that you have an implant is a dentist. They look so real that your friends and family will think you got an actual tooth inserted right into your gums!

They function like a real tooth!

Implants also function exactly like a real tooth. They’ll restore your ability to bite and speak, and they will help support your facial structure – all necessary things if you want to maintain optimal oral health into your old age.

A dental implant only requires work in one area of the mouth, as compared to dental bridges, which can often disrupt two other teeth to maintain a false tooth in the area. Dental bridges will continue to have a problem with the jawbone dissolving, as it does not do anything to improve the jawbone. Dental implants are not only considered a smart decision for missing teeth replacement but they also they boast a 98% success rate. If you would like to learn more about dental implants in Waco, Texas, give our office a call today!